It was Sunday morning at the grocery store.  A whole day of Sunday Funday lay ahead of us.  After shopping for the Sunday snack essentials to avoid cooking a full meal so that we may faithfully and guiltlessly adhere to our vow of pure laziness, we stopped by the RedBox.  Just as we finished checking out there was this sweet elderly woman attempting to do the same.  She was alone so it seemed she had solidified a strong sense of self-reliance into her later years.  And yet, perhaps it isn’t about self-reliance; not fully anyway.  It takes a different kind of power to age gracefully.

We all think that independence is what it takes to enjoy life into seniority.  While this is completely invaluable, it cannot be the whole picture.  There are many levels of strength in this life, and as we age there is a new definition of strength that emerges.  The strength to ask for help. 

As we prepared to leave with our movies, this woman got my attention and sweetly asked for help in retrieving hers.  I walked her through the checkout process, at which point she did NOT berate herself for needing my help.  She simply observed and thanked me for my aid, chalking it up to a learning experience and no more.  But in that moment I realized the subtle significance of the situation…no matter our age we are always learning.  Learning to become a better version of ourselves, learning to improve our lives and the world around us.  And there is nothing wrong with asking for help. 

Too often do people (of all ages) allow themselves to be consumed by the fear of relying on someone else.  Why else do we create communities if not for support? This is a fast-paced world, and it is so easy for anyone to get lost in the ins and outs.  It’s important to remember that even if you feel alone in this world, there are always resources to help connect you to the people and services around you. 

This is where a Care Manager comes in.  These professionals work to stay informed of resources within the community so they may help their clients live their lives more fully.  From help with bill pay or medications to scheduling and providing transportation to doctor appointments, care managers really are multifaceted in the assistance they can provide.  And if they can’t provide direct assistance themselves, they know where to look to satisfy the need.  Hudson Integrative has several services available to help you or yours (including Care Management), all you need to do is ask.

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