Our Approach

The Integrative Approach to Home Modification

Everyone wants to live in a home that matches his or her needs and abilities. A well-designed home, or one that has been modified so that it is usable by all ages and abilities helps support a safer, more independent lifestyle. Hudson Integrative offers a unique approach to home modification by combining the recommendations of a Care Management Assessment with the expertise of a CAPS certified building professional. This integrative approach can help make sure your home remains as welcoming as it has always been by adapting it to how you live today.

In the client-centered approach offered through Hudson Integrative, you are an integral part of the process. Individualized assessments performed by our CAPS specialist and care manager focus on your current needs and future goals. Our Care Manager can provide a clear path to identifying resources and provisions that make it easier to fulfill your desire to remain safely and comfortably in your own home.  In conjunction, any modification requirements are reviewed by our building specialists, who will assess structural integrity and ensure that all modification meet or exceed building codes and specifications and are also mindful of working within your budget.

Home modification is very much a team process in which each player provides valuable information on the client’s behalf. The collaboration between our building specialist and care manager ensures that recommendations are carried out according to the client’s goal. Through collaborative work with our clients, this integrative approach helps create a much better outcome for the client and family.

Assisting you in living a healthy life in a safe environment is our collective goal.