Nutrition Program

Putting good nutrition into practice

A surprising magic happens when healthy eating is approached with patient forethought and careful planning. The hardest part about cooking is meal planning. If you don’t plan, default eating is very likely. Education, excitement and empowerment translate good nutrition advice and processes into healthful and delicious meals, every day.

How It Works

A Personalized Nutrition Plan developed from a thorough understanding of your nutritional challenges is the framework of our Healthy Eating Lifestyle Program. This program outlines step-by-step tips and strategies for achieving your nutritional goals. Learn to prepare simple healthy meals without stress or hesitation. We can show you what healthy meals look like, how to use leftovers and what healthful foods to keep in the pantry. We help you focus on what to eat as opposed to thinking about what you can’t eat. We support your caregivers in meal planning and preparation. Pleasure is an important component of healthy eating. Eating with enjoyment leads to improved digestion. It’s a wonderful experience to create community with family and friends around food and eating.

A Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Easy-to-follow nutrition advice and guidelines

  • Appetizing, nutrient-dense meal and snack ideas
  • Coaching to encourage planning ahead for healthy meals
  • Shopping systems and services to ensure healthfully stocked cupboards and fridge
  • Needs-specific tools & equipment
  • Motivation and inspiration to engage in daily meal making
  • Coordinated services with family and caregivers