Functional Fitness

Life is in motion and living independently requires us to keep moving. Carrying groceries, cooking meals, cleaning the house—they all rely on power, strength and stability. Exercise is key to getting stronger, but for some of us, making it to a gym simply isn’t an option.

iLive brings functional fitness training directly to your home. Functional fitness is a system of intentionally coordinated exercise that uses workouts that mimic everyday activities. Just like your house, your body needs a solid foundation and firm structure to stay balanced. Physical exercise that improves balance and movement is one of the key strategies in reducing the risk of falls. Functional fitness is designed to reinforce your foundation, and build power and balance in the way your body moves.

Our certified functional fitness trainer is available to design a personalized, safe, in-home exercise program based on your physical health and what you want to accomplish every day. Get ready to feel stronger, more balanced and confident with in-home functional fitness in iLive.

Supporting your everyday activities
through exercise and nutrition.

Nutrition Planning

Life isn’t just about cooking, cleaning and getting work done. What really matters is making the best of the moments we have with the people we love, like family, friends and grandchildren. Being able to give those moments the vitality they deserve is what makes our experiences and memories special.

Choosing the right foods to eat can revitalize your body and protect your mind. Nutrition is the first step in maintaining the energy needed not just to get through each day, but to enjoy each day to the fullest.

Through in-home nutrition planning, iLive can help you access the energy your body needs for activities like housework and the fun stuff like keeping up with grandkids. Our nutrition experts are available to meet with you and create a customized Healthy Eating Plan. We’ll discuss your goals and tastes, and craft a realistic plan that supports your energy and vitality. Our plans are always personalized and grounded in what will work for you. That way, you’ll have a plan that’s sustainable in providing the energy you need to stay in motion.

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