Technology Assistance

Sharing stories around the dinner table. Laughing together in the living room. Backyard summer cookouts. Home is the setting where memories are created. When friends and family move away, technology can be the connection that allows you to see their faces, hear their voices, share their laughter and build new memories.

If technology is not your strong suit, and you want to stay connected to the ones you love, iLearn can help.

With iLearn, our experts are available to provide in-home technology assistance. From computers to smartphones, our team of technology specialists can help with technology set-up and guide you through important features and tools that may be useful in your life. In fact, we can also show you the ins and outs of programs that make everyday tasks in life easier—like keeping track of your commitments, housework, events and medication schedules. That way, you can focus on life’s more special moments, like scheduling that next video chat with your grandchildren.

As you probably know by now, getting and staying up to speed with technology can be a struggle at times. But despite the frustration of getting out of the gate, it can also be extremely rewarding for you and for your family in the long run. Computers and the Internet can be great tools for connecting with out-of-town family members and friends. And if you or your loved one is uncomfortable with using social media or the Web, Hudson Integrative iLearn is here for you.
Some ways we can help connect you virtually include:

  • Financial Account Management and Access
  • Cloud Storage
  • Smart Phone Utilization
  • PERS: Personal Emergency Response System
  • Social Media and Interaction
  • Medical Records Maintenance

With the help of technology, you and your loved ones can remain connected and socially engaged in their own homes.

Boomers are taking on technology, going online, using cell phones, e-books, and social networks. Pew Research says for the first time half of adults 65 and older are online and 82% of all adult internet users go online on an average day.

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Staying connected with the
people you love.