Care Management Services

Everyone has a unique set of circumstances and how they choose to live. A Care Manager can help you achieve your personal goals by understanding your particular needs, so that you can reach your full potential while maintaining an independent lifestyle. We work assisting families, couples, and individuals to create a customized plan, help coordinate services, and offer advice on an array of options to optimize your well-being.

Our Care Manager can offer individuals peace of mind and provide a clear path to identifying resources and provisions that make it easier to fulfill your desire to remain safely and comfortably in your own home.

Home Visit and Consultation Services

Getting to know you and your concerns is a vital part of identifying the resources that will support you in living YOUR independent lifestyle. We will schedule an FREE initial “meet and greet” visit to discuss your situation and how we might work with you in creating the supportive environment of your choosing.

If you would like to engage our care management services, a Full Assessment Consultation will be scheduled. This service includes a 2-hour meeting with you, and any family members, as well as a written report with a care plan, list of resources and personalized recommendations.

Hospital to Rehab to Home Transition Assistance

Times of transition can be confusing, scary and sometimes overwhelming. In fact, 20% of Medicare patients discharged from hospitals are readmitted within 30 days after returning home. With someone by your side, tracking needs, setting up your network of support, and helping to communicate with doctors to verify clear directives, we can reduce the factors that can lead to readmissions.

Transition Assistance and Coordination Services includes:

  • Visiting you at the hospital/rehab to advocate on your behalf and attend care conference meetings to ensure all information is understood
  • Ensuring all healthcare professionals provide clear directives
  • Helping to prepare for your return home (fill Rx prescriptions, any home modifications, durable medical equipment, and make sure there is fresh nutritional food in the home)
  • Helping to coordinate all in home services
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Making arrangements for transportation for follow-up doctors’ appointments
Identifying resources to support you
in living YOUR independent lifestyle.

Coordination of Services and Ongoing Oversight

It feels so comforting to know you have the care and support when you need it. We will assist you in setting up and coordinating any and all services that are being delivered at home to maintain your independence and well-being. We provide regular follow-up visits and phone calls to ensure all is well.

Monthly Bill Paying Service

Another pair of eyes can help you safely manage your household finances. Financial exploitation of older adults is the most common form of elder abuse and costs older adults billions of dollars each year. Victims are robbed of their resources, independence and dignity. Bill Paying service can serve as another watchful protector to ensure scammers don’t target you and make you their next victim. Together we can review monthly bills and statements to make sure there are no unusual activity in your banking account and that all bills reflect the appropriate billing amount.

Ellen Taxman, MA Gerontology and LTC Management Care Manager

On a personal note:  I want to get to know you and find out what you value most.  How do you want to live and what is meaningful to you in your life? It is my intent to find the best services and programs to fit your needs and desires, by identifying community resources to engage you and help you feel connected.  A meaningful life is a life worth living.  Let’s find out together what that means for you.