Your unique life’s journey is about you. About your family, your friends, your memories…your community. It’s about your choices. We are here to help support those choices through aging in place services provided in your home that promote the pillars of living healthfully.

your life. your way. you’re home.

Your home is where your heart is. Aging doesn’t change that. At Hudson Integrative, we understand the powerful desire to live in and enjoy the home you love, even as you enter new chapters in your life. So we offer an entire suite of services to help keep you healthy and connected and your home safe and comfortable. It’s our way of helping you live life your way. Learn more >

The foundation of Hudson Integrative is built upon personalized and compassionate services that promote quality of life, safety, mobility, and independence. Our mission is to assist individuals in living a healthy life in a safe and enjoyable environment. We combine personalized care management, in-home fitness, nutrition, and technology assistance with mobility-focused home modifications so that your home supports your complete health.

Hudson Integrative is your solution, through a single service or combination of services, for a healthier home and a healthier you.

Our Services


  • Home Visit and Consultation Services
  • Transition Assistance
  • Supervision and Coordination Services
  • Bill Paying Assistance


  • Functional Fitness Program
  • Nutrition Program


  • Computer Education
  • Technical Assistance


  • Home Modifications
  • Safety Assessments

Empowering Thoughts

When it comes to aging, we should all feel empowered to live the life we choose in the place we call home. One of the ways we believe we can achieve this goal is by sharing relevant information and resources with the community.

Integrative Approach

We offer an array of services to help you strengthen your body and mind, make your environment safe and accessible, and stay connected to the community and the world.
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